Selecting a Florist for your Elopement

When you are planning an elopement, selecting a florist may be the last thing on your mind. There is a lot of other factors you might be worrying about, especially if your elopement location is new to you. You are probably trying to plan what hotel or resort to stay at and how long your drive may be or where to have dinner. Heck you may even be searching for an elopement photographer (like myself). I feel like the florist often gets pushed to the back burner, but they really shouldn't.

A lot of time and thought goes into making the perfect bouquet or boutonnière. Even centerpieces are over looked, unfortunately. However, selecting the right florist can be a big deal. You are going to want a florist who pays attention to the colors of your apparel, the textures on your dress and the venue location.

Luckily, the florist that was used in this styled shoot was extremely talented and asked all of these questions and more! Katiyah with Petal Pushers is super talented and detail oriented.

Imagine the photos below with no floral at all... the photos would be bare and the color would be dull. The models would still be beautiful but I imagine the viewer would feel that something would be missing.

So if you are think of skipping the florals, I suggest you don't.

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