How to make a Wedding venues Vendor List

For the longest damn time I felt defeated and overwhelmed thinking about reaching out to venues. I genuinely felt like I couldn't get over the hurdle and into the door. It seemed like such an obstacle to me but I knew it was necessary to make connections with the people at the venues you dream of capturing.

So after years, yes, literally years I came up with the best method that works for me. So here are the five things that I do to try and make it on a Hotel/Resorts "Preferred Vendor List":

  1. Call. Email. Then show up in person. With business cards!
  2. Send them a gallery of photos you have taken on site. Do not assume you can just take photos. Ask first!
  3. Show up and be present online. Like and engage in their post. Oh, and follow...duh.
  4. Send a thank you card for letting you take photos with photo proofs or something nice!
  5. Don't give up.

Number 1...

Bug the crap out of them. It doesn't have to be to the point that they need to block your number but make sure they know you are serious. I would give them a call and follow up with an email. Pro tip: it helps if you know someone that knows someone there. Lastly, show up and introduce yourself. Don't forget your businesses cards!

Number 2...

Offer to take a few photos of the venue and send them the gallery so that they can see some of your style. Of course I know what you are thinking, "umm there will not be any models" or "some venues do not allow outside photographers to roam around". Let me just say, yes your concerns are valid, but here's where the good part comes in. One, this is your chance to show them you. can make it pretty without models. Two, you are asking but also offering something in return. There is something golden about asking in person and being confident!

Number 3...

Here we are, of course we couldn't get past the social media. Make sure you are following their accounts (if they have them) and that you have been (for longer than a minute) been engaged in their content. Show them you’re willing to give them your support! It's a major pet peeve of mine to get a request from someone only to find out they don't follow me online. Be present online, too.

Number 4...

Follow up your visit with a thank you card and put a relevant message in it to make it personal. Be sure to do this regardless if they let you take photos. This lets them know that you appreciate their time and again, are serious.

Number 5...

If it doesn't work move on and keep doing great things. You never know, they may stumble across your work in the future and realize they should give you a chance.


Your West Texas Photographer,

The Roaming Coyote

Please enjoy my recent trip to Hotel Paisano in Marfa, TX to introduce Myself and reach out