Big Bend Elopement Photographer

Big bend Elopement Photography

We started before sunrise and chased the sun down Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive until we made our way to the Santa Elena Canyon Overlook for the ceremony. After the ceremony, we enjoyed a picnic with Allie and Pat's amazingly generous and kind family and friends. I loved that she brought a blanket with her that was a gift from her brother, who is a Marine and is currently deployed, so that he could "be there".

About Big Bend

Big Bend National Park (BBNP) is 801,163 acres making it the 15th largest in the national park system. BBNP was established as a national park in 1944 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a Congressional Act. The park borders the Rio Grande river and is home to 1295 species of plants according to the BBNP website.

Favorite Big Bend National Park Locations

Dorgan House Trail

Santa Elena Canyon

Big Bend ELOPEMENT Photographer

Are you thinking of planning your elopement in Big Bend National Park or in the surrounding areas? Well, let me help you capture your adventurous day in far west Texas! I can even help provide vendor recommendations, location inspiration, resource information and a custom timeline for your day. Let's go backcountry exploring and make your desert wedding dreams come true! Feel free to reach out so that we can get the planning going together!